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Fan Fiction: Kadena at Scarlet AU

Kadena AU Ficlet: Adena and Kat meet when Adena starts working as a photographer for Scarlet and Kat is still an assistant. 

Kat has only been working as an assistant at Scarlet for a few weeks when she sees her sitting confidently in front of Jacqueline. She is young, probably only a couple years older than her, but Kat is impressed by her poise, by the way she looks at Jaqueline as if they are equals.

The bright red hijab is the first thing she notices, the full lips and the big eyes a close second. She doesn’t realize she is staring, mouth slightly parted, feet frozen in place, until Jaqueline waves at her from inside the office.

Kat snaps out of it, mentally berating herself for the distraction before rushing inside to find out what her boss needs.

“Kat, can you bring me the printouts of the next issue fashion spread? Oliver should have them.”

Kat nods and hurries out again, feeling watched the whole time. She is halfway to Oliver’s desk when curiosity wins. She turns around, only to be meet with bright, brown eyes looking directly at her, the beginning of a smile at the corner of the other woman’s lips.

Kat doesn’t know for how long she stands there, frozen in place by an invisible force. She only knows it isn’t until the other woman looks away, focusing again on Jacqueline, that she is able to move.

For the next hour work is a struggle, Kat can barely focus for a few minutes before her eyes wander again to the woman sitting in front of her boss. She has never hated and loved the glass walls so much.

The sound of high heels resonating against the floor make her look up, only to find Jacqueline and the red clad woman standing in front of her.

“Kat, please show our new photographer the way to Human Resources.”

Kat can barely process Jacqueline’s words. The thought of having a chance to see this beautiful woman at Scarlet every day making her heart beat faster than it ever had.


“Yes! of course… I will do that right away.”

Kat hears high heels walking away and realizes that’s her cue to introduce herself but for some long painful seconds she just stares ahead, unable to form words.

“I’m Adena. Adena El-Amin.”

“Adena. That’s a really pretty name,” Kat exclaims softly, almost as if talking to herself, not realizing Adena’s extended hand. A raised eyebrow by Adena seems to finally wake her up.

“Kat. Kat Edison,” she finally says, taking the hand in front of her.

“So…Human Resources?”

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