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The L Word Generation Q Season 1 – My Thoughts

I had decided to Liveblog this first season of The L word Generation Q. I actually did the first five episodes when trying to fix an issue with the blog, I deleted those 5 liveblogs. As it’s been months since I started this process, and liveblogs are extremely time-consuming, I’ve decided to do a recap/review post instead. So here we are.

One advantage I have when approaching this new version of the iconic show is that I never watched the original. I mean, I saw clips around, know what happened in general. As a lesbian I think is probably impossible to be fully disconnected from the original series. However, as someone who doesn’t live in the United States, my access to it was always limited. So I never fully watched it.

I feel is an advantage now, because is easier for me to connect with the new characters, instead of watching for the old favorites. So it’s no surprise that my favorites this season have been Dani and Sophie. And surprisingly, my interest in Finn grew over time. She is a mess, but compelling to watch. I’ve also been interested in Bette and Angelica, but in general, haven’t cared much for Shane or Alice’s stories.



From the start, she was my absolute favorite. I’m not going to lie, I think she is attractive. And let’s be real, a big part of the L Word appeal is looking at attractive women play sapphic characters. And see realistic wlw sex scenes.

I love her personality too. I have a weakness for women who can get a little bitchy, sure of themselves in public/work. I love a woman in a power suit, basically. I may also have a thing for closed-off people.

But the contrast with her insecurities, her relationship with her dad, her problems with opening up and processing her emotions gave her another dimension. She is also soft and vulnerable and I loved to see those moments too.

I loved her family. Loved how supportive and a great friend she is. How fun. I enjoyed the glimpses we got of her at work with Alice. It was interesting to see her journey during the season. Her doubts about the relationship with Dani, her increasing frustration.


I hated her at first. She was just so annoying. But over time I started to care more for her. About the halfway mark when we got to see more of what lies behind her public persona. She is a total mess, she really is. But she is also kind, good. With a profound need to be loved. Seeing all those layers made me care about her.


From the original characters, the one was most invested in. I didn’t particularly care for her running for mayor storyline, but much like Dani I found myself fascinated by her.


Besides Dani and Sophie’s central conflict, the relationship I was most invested in was Angelica and Jordie’s. They are adorable. We didn’t get much of them after they kissed, but the few moments we had during the season were all so cute and made me root for them.

The Throuple was interesting. From the start it looked like a bad idea so in a sense watching it be messy and complicated was satisfying. Throuples can be great but they need clear communication and boundaries. Which wasn’t how this one started. In that sense the ending was predictable, but it’s a shame as the relationship had way more chemistry when it was all 3 of them.

I liked the glimpses we saw about Tess, but the show didn’t have a chance to fully develop her story beyond 2 or 3 episodes.

The Finale

We get the results for the election, and unsurprisingly Bette loses. I liked that touch of realism (Shane being super rich and Alice a successful talk show host strain believability, having Bette become major would be too much.) And it’s interesting to see what that will mean for her in Season 2. I assume more focused on her dating life, maybe finally fully moving on from Tina.

Shane and Quiara break up again. I really never got invested in them, except from enjoying looking at Lex Scott Davis beautiful face.

Micah finds out José has had a husband this whole time. While Micah struggled with opening up and being vulnerable with him, the moment he finally lets himself fall for Jose this bomb is dropped. It reminds me of the Marina had a secret wife the whole time in the original L Word.

I assume he will try to explain it with some open marriage or something, but even if that was the case not telling Micah was shitty. I assume they may get back together eventually in S2. But it will be a hard road back.

And Finally, the main conflict of the finale. Sophie struggling with her (newfound?) attraction for Finley. They parallels between Dani and Finley were obvious in the last episodes. Finley being there for her when Sophie’s grandma got sick, calling her attractive while Dani was too distracted by work to notice, the frustration with Dani never opening up while Finley is an open book.

Let’s be honest. Sophie and Dani’s relationship was a mess from the start. We see Sophie’s doubts, frustrations, from the first episode and it only increases over time. Even then I didn’t see the cheating coming until it happened. Silly me, I guess, as cheating is the L Word’s thing.

Sophie’s face while listening to Nat’s speech to Alice make me think she will chose Finley. I mean Nat says “You make me laugh so much, even when I’m mad.” I can’t really see that being about Dani.

It’s even more heartbreaking because Dani is oblivious to all of it. She is so sure of their relationship, maybe unaware of the degree of Sophie’s issues and dissatisfaction. Even if ultimately Sophie goes to Dani at the airport, I can only assume it will be to confess the cheating or ask for a break.

It’s going to be a mess, either way. And I honestly can’t wait to watch it in Season 2.

As a random though, it’s interesting that we were setup all season with the possibility of Dani and Better becoming a thing. Dani’s constant admiration for Bette. Saying things like “you changed my life” “nobody has made me feel like that.” Opening up to Bette when she couldn’t do it with Sophie. The campaign manager commenting on it. Sophie saying “Bette is hot” implying she is worried about it. And it the end nothing happened.

I guess it worked perfectly as a distraction. They instead surprised us with Sophie/Finley. I wonder if in Season 2 that will change though. I enjoy Bette and Dani having a mentorship relationship. But can’t deny it would be hot if something happened, at least once.

Random Moments

Some moments that stood up during the season:

Angelica and Jordie’s first kiss with Shane cheering them on. So sweet.

This happened at the start of the season and I loved all of it so much. Not only the dancing, but Sophie’s family being so welcoming of Dani.

This scene of Dani and Sophie dancing lives rent free on my mind. So hot.

Shane picking up a random dog from the street is peak Shane.

Bette Porter looking amazing was a constant.

Everything about the Throuple and Gigi/Nat. It was funny and sexy and emotional.

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