image showing the cover of a book with the words Flipped as tittle and book review

Book Review: Flipped by Caitlin Ryan

Flipped is a delicious look at the behind the scenes of a popular HGTV-style reality show, full of drama, passion, and love. 

As a big fan of reality shows and celebrity love interests, this book caught my eye from the premise. Molly wins a competition to have her house flipped by famous married duo Flick and Kim, and of course sparks fly the minute she meets Flick in person, but secrets on both ends force them to stay apart. 

There are a lot of highlights from this book. Best friend Jorge is one of them. The vivid descriptions we get of Las Vegas. The feeling you are really seeing all the drama and behind the scenes that could happen with any TV Show gave the book a setting that captivated me. 
We learn a lot about both Flick and Molly, their story, their fears and hopes. It makes them fully rounded characters you are happy to see come together.  

There’s plenty of drama and obstacles for Flick and Molly to overcome, but enough cute moments between them to make it worth it. It felt like everything was against them and their relationship. There was not one, but several obstacles they had to overcome. I wanted to reach out, shake them and force them to stop getting on their own way and get together, but that only made the ending more satisfying. 

I enjoyed immensely the last part of the book, when we see them finally come together for their HEA. I don’t want to spoil it, but one of the ending scenes where they both desperately try to find the other to confess their love, only to miss each other hilariously, is my favorite part of the book. 

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