Kieu My looking at Fatou with loving eyes

5 Amazing Ways To Remember Fatou And Kieu My

Fatou and Kieu My: The German Sapphic Ship That Stole Our Hearts

If you still don’t know who Fatou Jallow and Kieu My Vu are, you are missing out. If you enjoyed their love story for the past few weeks and now are devastated over the sixth season of Druck that had them at their center, and thinking about the possibility of not seeing them again for a long time, I understand. No matter the case, this post only goal is to share this ship with the world and enjoy some videos and pictures from them to make their absence less hard.

  1. This fan video to a beautiful cover of the song Fireworks showing scenes from Season 5 and Season 6.

2. This amazing Fan Art based on one of their best scenes.

3. Their official Instagrams

One of the best things about the Skamverse (the shows based on Skam, like Druck) is that their episodes are a full experience of social media and text messages from the characters that complement the main story. These are the official Fatou and Kieu My accounts full of adorable content.

4. This video edit that shows not one, not two, but 11, 11! of their kisses.

5. The whole show

There’s no best way to remember them, or experience them for the first time than watching the whole show. Lucky for us is all available on YouTube, you need a VPN as is only accessible for people in Germany.

Watch on their official channel

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