Featured image showing the cover of the book The One to Hold your Hand by Erica Lee.

Book Review: The One To Hold Your Hand

The One To Hold Your Hand tells is the story of Reese and Bette. Their friendship, their falling out and their second chance at love. The sentence that gives name to the book was used several times trough the book, and every time it pulled at my heartstrings.

I loved the way we got to see Reese and Bette long story together, their evolution from childhood friends to teenage loves and their reconnection as adults.

Besides the romance, the favorite part of this book for me was the way it handled the sensitive topic of loss and grief.

I would have loved to see a bit more of Reese and Bette after the get back together as adults, most of the book as focused on their journey as childhood friends but an extra couple chapters of them as adults at the end would had been nice.

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