Umang and Samara from the show 4 more shots, please sitting in a sofa looking at each other

Remembering Umang & Samara from 4 More Shots, Please!

For the past two years, at the start of the year there was something I always could count on: A New season of 4 More Shots, Please! For obvious reasons (Covid) most TV Shows had to delay shooting and releasing their latest seasons, and that’s left me wondering what’s up with this group of girls, and especially my favorite bisexual cinnamon roll, Umang.

This week I was reminded of them by this Autostraddle article criticizing Season 2, and as much as I agree with it, I still can’t help but love Umang and want to see more of her. I mean, how many shows do we have with a character like Umang? I haven’t counted but I’m going to take a wild guess and assume this is the only one. Even with its shortcomings, it’s a groundbreaking show in many ways.

While they shot season 3 in Mumbai, I say we pass the time by enjoying a couple fan videos of Samara and Umang, the sapphic couple we enjoyed in Season 1 and 2.

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