Kadena Got Their Happy Ending and My Heart is Full

The series finale of The Bold Type aired last Wednesday, June 30 of 2021, on Freeform. It was the last point of a rollercoaster ride that started in 2016 and gave us what was, in my opinion, the best wlw poc ship in the history of TV but that during five seasons also disappointed and enraged us because of some of the choices the network or writers made. Kadena was great, but it could had been even greater if they were given the care and attention they deserved.

After so long, after so many things that happened, so many times where the ship and both Kat and Adena as individual characters weren’t treated with the respect they deserved, the finale had only one last lowest possible bar we hoped they passed but weren’t sure if they would: To give them a happy ending. They did. It was like 20 seconds and at the last minute, but they did. And today I’m here to celebrate the good. We’ve talked enough about the bad before, and as a goodbye I want to remember the happiness this show and ship gave me since 2016.

The kiss that started it all

I could watch this kiss forever and never get tired of it.

The Music

The one thing that remained good during the entire 5 seasons was the music. There’re iconic songs that I love and will remind me of Kadena forever.

Lit the Fire

That Feeling When


Someone To You

Before Tequila Sunrise, the episode we’ll never forget

Episode 9 of season 1 aka Before Tequila Sunrise was probably the best episode for Kadena in the entire series, probably one of the best episode for any wlw couple in TV ever. No matter what, we’ll always have that episode.

The Happy Ending

Kadena deserved more. Kat and Adena deserved better, but at least they got their happy ending and in our hearts we are sure what comes for them in the future is all love and happiness together.

An amazing Family

The one thing Kadena left me was amazing people I got to know thanks to the show. I’ll never forget the hiatus between Season 1 and 2 when a small group of fans bonded while waiting for the show to come back, and fought for it to be renewed because we’d never seen representation like Kadena ever before.

Things went downhill once Season 2 started, but we enjoyed it and suffered it together, and even know I know every single one of those fans that watched the show with me will be in my heart forever.

One Last Fic

Kadena was always a small fandom. We never had many fics around, but the few we had were more treasured because of it. Here’s one last one to say goodbye to Kadena.


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