Dani and Gigi: A Look at The Best The L Word Ship

Additional Gini Resources

If you are anything like me, and if you read this, you must be. You can’t get enough from Dani and Gigi. Even though I spent pages and pages talking about them, it actually is not enough to depict every single nuance and detail of their relationship.

Thankfully, there’re places like twitter where we can post anytime we notice something new or simply think about them. Here are some of my favorite accounts, fan fiction and some amazing Gini YouTube videos to keep you on the Gini rabbit hole a little longer.

Fan Fiction

Honestly, I’ve read every single one of them. There’s not that many so far and I can’t get enough of Gini. But here are some of my favorites to start.

Coffee at Midnight

cuando te veo así (when i see you like this)



Call on Me

You’re It

Gini Twiter Accounts

I love the twitter Gini fandom. The amount of accounts posting amazing analysis of their scenes and beautiful fan cams make being a Gini fan so much better. Here are only a few examples.

Fan Videos

5 thoughts on “Dani and Gigi: A Look at The Best The L Word Ship

  1. Amazing analysis. It must have taken such a long time to do this deep dive so thank you. I know I’ll come back to this for reference many times. Dani and Gigi really are a special ship and I hope we get to see much more of them.


  2. So I gather from this that Gigi is a great partner, and is a great partner to Dani. But what is Dani giving to Gigi? I get she has a lot going on and needs support, but relationships aren’t a one way street. She needs to give as much as she’s given. It’s why I feel like maybe she shouldn’t be in a relationship. And, not for anything, while Sophie is obviously a bad communicator in a lot of ways, a big problem in their relationship was that Dani never really listened to her, saw her. Everything needed to be on Dani’s terms, even when she was being sweet like holding her when she was crying, she just went ahead and assumed why Sophie was crying instead of asking her and listening. And I don’t know we witnessed enough growth in her that she won’t do the same to Gigi.

    Tl;dr I just love Gigi and want the best for her and fear she’s in another relationship where she won’t be getting what she deserves!!


    • It’s true that in Season 2 the show focused more on having Gigi as support for Dani, I personally think we’ve seen how Dani can be a great partner and how she is different from the relationships we’ve seen for Gigi in the past. For one, Dani has been shown to be willing and capable of changing and wanting to break from her patterns. I think she is more aware than anyone about her own shortcomings and makes a conscious effort to avoid de same mistakes even if she sometimes fails.

      She is also the only one we’ve seen that actively listens to Gigi and meets her halfway. She admits communication is hard for her, but she doesn’t shun Gigi. She is also so actively enthusiast about how great she thinks Gigi is and loving all the parts of her we’ve seen other characters dismiss or treat as annoying.

      Despite the issues she had with Sophie if there’s something about Dani is that she is always aiming to please and give the people in her life what she thinks they want from her (Her dad, Sophie, even Bette) and she is very supportive too.

      We can only guess what will happen in Season 3, but the foundations to make them both equal and a great couple are there.


      • Thanks for the response! Hm, it’s interesting you say that about Dani always aiming to please, because I didn’t see that at all. With her dad for sure, but with Bette she was always freaking out about stuff when she should’ve been the one to keep a cool head, and completely dismissed Bette’s very valid concerns about the Nunez company’s ties to Big Pharma. And with Sophie, she never seemed interested in meeting her halfway (I understand their communication styles were different, but Sophie seemed to be spend a lot of time trying to figure Dani out but never vice versa.) And I don’t see Dani as very supportive, I can’t actually think of a time she offered support to anyone.

        And she did shun Gigi, multiple times. Luckily Gigi was very patient with her and was able to explain to her how she was hurtful and they came to mutual understanding, but it’s clearly a pattern that hasn’t been fully broken.

        That being said, you’re totally correct that we don’t know what’s to come in season 3, and I really hope I’m wrong!! I’m a big proponent of letting characters make mistakes and grow rather than writing them off completely, so while I’m obviously a bit critical of Dani’s behavior, I hope she can get it together. It makes no sense that the best human in L Word history shouldn’t be in a mutually loving and respectful relationship!

        And, should’ve said initially, but I love the deep dive in general! Glad someone else is as invested in this show that is so mediocre yet has completely drawn me in


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