Dani and Gigi: A Look at The Best The L Word Ship

I’ve always loved Dani Núñez, and I have the receipts to prove it right here and here. I didn’t pay as much attention to Gigi in Season 1 (shame on me) so when I started watching Season 2; I knew I was there for Dani but I never expected how much I would fall in love with Gigi and the buildup of their relationship.

I can say without a doubt the reason I watched the Season 2 of The L Word was to watch Dani and Gigi’s relationship. For once, the show did a slow burn instead of having them sleeping together after 0.2 seconds, and I loved every second. The build up, the anticipation, waiting eagerly every episode to see what happened between them. It was amazing. And after they got together, we got amazing communication and soft moments, along with a couple of steamy ones.

Since I can’t get enough of these two, I’ve been watching their scenes again and freaking out about all the little things that build their relationship. Lucky for you, I also can’t shut up about them and plan on sharing my opinions.

Table of Contents
Gigi and Dani Season 1
Gigi and Dani Season 2
Additional Gini Resources

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Kadena Got Their Happy Ending and My Heart is Full

The series finale of The Bold Type aired last Wednesday, June 30 of 2021, on Freeform. It was the last point of a rollercoaster ride that started in 2016 and gave us what was, in my opinion, the best wlw poc ship in the history of TV but that during five seasons also disappointed and enraged us because of some of the choices the network or writers made. Kadena was great, but it could had been even greater if they were given the care and attention they deserved.

After so long, after so many things that happened, so many times where the ship and both Kat and Adena as individual characters weren’t treated with the respect they deserved, the finale had only one last lowest possible bar we hoped they passed but weren’t sure if they would: To give them a happy ending. They did. It was like 20 seconds and at the last minute, but they did. And today I’m here to celebrate the good. We’ve talked enough about the bad before, and as a goodbye I want to remember the happiness this show and ship gave me since 2016.

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Picture of Dayane Mello kissing Rosalinda Canavo's cheek. They both look happy.

Basic Guide To (Ex) Rosmello

For the past two months or so, I saw my Twitter timeline full of references to a ship called Rosmello. I resisted at first, ignored them, maybe admired a video here and there, but I didn’t want to dedicate my energy to it. Until I did. And it may have been the biggest mistake of my fandom life. The moment I allowed myself to follow them, I was sucked in and they took over my life, all 24 hours of the day for several days.

To make my luck even worse, I got into the ship just as it was ending. So not only was I catching up on all the amazing moments I missed, but I was also mourning how it ended.

The story of Rosmello is complex, long, and as most sapphic stories full of drama, love, and tragedy. I’m slowly moving on from them, but if you, like me, have seen them mentioned around and are curious, I will try to give you a basic knowledge of what their 6 month story entailed. And most of all, as the sapphic fandom moves to something different, something new, I want a tangible recollection, a record we can look back on, of their story.

I don’t mean for this to be the ultimate guide, I got into the ship late and I’m sure there are a lot of things missing. But is a starting point if you want to know more about their story.

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Fatou and Kieu My from the German Show Druck kissing

The Magic of International Sapphic Representation

If you are looking for sapphic representation in media, look no more. The past month my Twitter Timeline has been a mix of clips and tweets in German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and, of course, English. I understand most of it, in part because I speak Spanish, English and a little Portuguese, in part because no matter the language all those posts are based on an universal sapphic experience that doesn’t need words to be understood. Their soul is the passion, love, crave, investment in diverse representation a lot of us have.

This is not a new feeling for me. All representation has been foreign representation to me. I don’t remember one TV Show in Colombia that had lesbians in it, or a same sex relationship. At most, we had a gay male side comic relief character in one or two popular telenovelas. Since I was a teen, the TV Shows, Movies, fan fiction, I looked at for representation were foreign. American usually.

Thanks to the magic of technology and the Internet, now is easier than ever to have access to all kinds of contents around the world and I’ve fallen in love with several shows and characters thanks to my fellow Sapphics sharing information about them in Social Media.

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Kieu My looking at Fatou with loving eyes

5 Amazing Ways To Remember Fatou And Kieu My

Fatou and Kieu My: The German Sapphic Ship That Stole Our Hearts

If you still don’t know who Fatou Jallow and Kieu My Vu are, you are missing out. If you enjoyed their love story for the past few weeks and now are devastated over the sixth season of Druck that had them at their center, and thinking about the possibility of not seeing them again for a long time, I understand. No matter the case, this post only goal is to share this ship with the world and enjoy some videos and pictures from them to make their absence less hard.

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Picture of Batwoman Season 2

Top 5 Sapphic TV Shows I’m Looking forward To In 2021

Can you guys believe we are already 4 days deep into 2021? As much as we all wanted 2020 to be over, one highlight from the year was watching and enjoying sapphic movies and TV shows with everyone on-line. We had some great content last year. The shared experiences of joy over a ship filled a lot of my days with happiness. The Half of It, She-Ra, Haunting of Bly Manor, Utopia Falls, Happiest Season, just to name a few.

I still have a long list of things I need to catch up on, but I’m planning to grow that list in 2021. These are the Top 5 shows or movies with sapphic characters I’m looking forward to watching this year, in no particular order.

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Star Trek: Discovery Top 10 Sapphic Moments

Star Trek Discovery was my first contact with the franchise. I had always been interested in Star Trek, but approaching it when it had such a rich and complex history seemed daunting. Doing it trough a new show sounded perfect. When I saw it was supposed to have two women leading it? I was sold.

I’ve loved it, with its good moments and flaws like most shows, and have never cared for the criticism about how it lived up, or not, to other Star Trek shows. The third season is increasingly looking like it will be the best one yet. But still one thing remains missing: A fully developed, on-screen, sapphic relationship.

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My Goodbye To The Bold Type

It is no secret that the for last few years The Bold Type has been an important part of my life. I’ve enjoyed the show as a whole, but Adena El Amin, Kat Edison and their relationship is what really captured me. Them, the way they represented parts of me I had never had a chance to see represented, and the small community that formed around them have been a cornerstone of my life for 4 years now.

It’s also no secret that over the last few seasons the show has brought me more disappointments that happiness. I’ve stuck around, trying to enjoy the few good moments, and hoping they would eventually do better. But you can only give a show, or anything, so many chances before you give up.

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5 Fictional Characters I Was In Love With

When it comes to fictional characters, I’m starting to believe I have a type. What it says about me or how it reflects on my real-life relationships is not something I want to think about. But there is one thing I can share with all of you. Since I was a kid, I have vivid memories of being fascinated by certain characters. Always female. To the point where I can say today that I was in love with them.

At the time I didn’t understand it, though it was simple admiration. But now I know better. Most of the times, it’s characters that have things I find lacking in myself. Personality traits I wish I had. They are usually confident, admired by their peers, maybe a little mean. A lot of the times they did things I would never dare to do myself, be rebellious, speak up. I’ve always been a people pleaser.

Again, I don’t want to explore too deep what that means, but it is what it is. In the end, no matter the reason, these characters and my fascination with them are a fundamental part of who I am. Growing up, and even now, fictional characters allowed me to have a connection, to find inspiration and a sense of belonging.

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