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Book Review: Twice Shy by Aurora Rey

I was slow to warm up to Amanda and Quinn, but by the end of the book I was invested in them and rooting for them. The premise of the story was what captivated me in the first place. Having complicated and messy feelings for an ex. Falling for the familiarity of someone who already knows you, loved you even if it’s not the best idea. How hard it is to allow yourself to heal and love again after a bad break up.

Seeing Amanda and Quinn navigate divorce, how to handle your ex, your new partner having kinds, was also welcome. It think divorce, sharing custody of kids has become more and more common so it’s interesting to see it explored.

I enjoyed the inclusion of Amanda’s kids as central to the story. Loved to hate Mel, the ex, and even warmed up to her by the end of the book. Amanda and Quinn were a great couple I was happy to see succeed. The way they resolved their conflict by being honest, vulnerable, having open communication, was great.

There was a wide arrange of side characters, I didn’t necessarily connect with a lot of them. But it was nice to see both main characters have a full life outside of the couple. The attempt at racial diversity with a Chinese side character felt a little off. It had barely a couple scenes. If the author wanted to include more diversity, I would have liked to see the character more developed, give it more dimension than just name dropping them. It was even more jarring because none of the other characters are described or made explicitly non-white.

In general I felt like the book started a little slow, while we got to know more of the characters, but once it picked up about one third into the book it became a captivating fast paced read.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.

Dani Nuñez Season 1 of The L Word GQ

The L Word Generation Q Season 1 – My Thoughts

I had decided to Liveblog this first season of The L word Generation Q. I actually did the first five episodes when trying to fix an issue with the blog, I deleted those 5 liveblogs. As it’s been months since I started this process, and liveblogs are extremely time-consuming, I’ve decided to do a recap/review post instead. So here we are.

One advantage I have when approaching this new version of the iconic show is that I never watched the original. I mean, I saw clips around, know what happened in general. As a lesbian I think is probably impossible to be fully disconnected from the original series. However, as someone who doesn’t live in the United States, my access to it was always limited. So I never fully watched it.

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An Ode to Lesbian Icon Chavela Vargas

This article has one, and one purpose only. To help as many people as possible to know more about Chavela Vargas. If you have never heard about her before, please read on, because that’s something that needs to be fixed right away.

I finally got around to watch the documentary of her life on Netflix this past weekend. I’ve known about it for a long time now, over a year probably. But I knew the day I decided to watch it I needed to be on a mindset that allowed me to focus entirely on it. This wasn’t something I could half-watch while scrolling on my phone. No. the glorious, iconic, Chavela Vargas deserved my undivided attention.

As someone said near the end of the documentary, “Every lesbian in Mexico knows who Chavela Vargas is.” Well, I believe every lesbian or Sapphic woman in the world should know about Chavela Vargas. She broke barriers, both with her music and with her life. Sharing her voice, and trough it her pain with the world to the last day.

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Book Review: Empty Without You – The Intimate Letters Of Eleanor Roosevelt And Lorena Hickok

I found this work thanks to an Autostraddle article highlighting excerpts from the letters used in the book. Which I highly also recommend you read. Even if you don’t get the book, the article will give you a look into the correspondence Eleanor Roosevelt exchanged with Lorena Hickok, and the nature of their relationship.

However, I don’t think those excerpts are the most valuable part of the book. If you decide to read it, you will get a glimpse into the minds and relationship between these two women, but the work the author does to show us the historical context of the letters, both in relation to Eleanor and Lorena’s relationship, as well as a more global political and historical setting is an added value from the book.

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Hello, we are back with another recap of the new Buffy The Vampire Slayer comic. We go into Chapter 4 with our Scooby gang fully formed, and a terrifying Drusilla lurking in the shadows with sidekick Spike.

Image from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Comic Cahpter 4 showing ander walking home alone.

This chapter stars focusing on Xander, He talks about his problems with school, how he is adapting to the Slayer thing. He thinks is cool, but he is not too good at it, which I’m sure adds to his already present feelings of inadequacy.

It’s really interesting how event though he still has Willow, and now Buffy, he still feels alone an excluded. Buffy’s life will always be chaotic with training, slaying, school. And again the decision to have Willow be more independent, already have a girlfriend, not be hung up on Xander, is amazing. And key to the choice of having Xander be a teenager dealing with this feelings of isolation, maybe depression.

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Book Review: Girl, Serpent, Thorn

It may sound superfluous, but the first thing I have to say about this book is that the cover is absolutely gorgeous. It’s beautiful, it grabs your attention. If I saw this book in a book store I would immediately grab it and try to see what it is about from the cover alone.

That ability to hook you from the start extends to the words as well. from the prologue I was already invested and dying to read all of it.

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Book Review: Then & Now by Monica McCallan

When I decided to start writing Book Reviews on this blog in an effort to share with more people the amazing and wide array of sapphic books available, I knew one of my first reviews would be about Monica McCallan. She introduced me to the world of contemporary lesbian romance books, and I can’t thank her enough.

But we will get back to that later, let’s focus on her books first. I debated about which one to talk about and settle for Then & Now. It wasn’t the first book by this author than I read, and it’s not her most recent work as she is incredible prolific and I, instead, take ages to get around to do the things I want to do. But it is my favorite, so far, from her.

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DEBS - Lucy Diamond and Amy Looking at each other

Watching D.E.B.S 16 years later: The Magic is intact

It’s hard to grasp the fact it’s been 16 years since DEBS came out in 2004. This movie has been part of my gay life since the start, one of the first media products I found when I was set on consuming as many movies and TV Shows with a gay focus as I could. At the same time, every time I watch it, it remains so fresh I can’t imagine it not being made just a couple of years ago.

That is part of its magic. No matter how much time has passed you can watch this movie and it stands up to the test of time.

For me, a big part of the movie’s success and staying power is rooted in the fact that it knows who it is from the start and it’s not ashamed of it. It leans into it with everything it’s got, and that makes it’s silliness and cheesiness part of its charm. It’s a movie designed to make you happy, and it does.

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Why One Day at a Time is My Favorite Show Ever

I started watching One Day at a Time like I start watching most TV Shows. Someone on social media, or a website I follow, recommended it because it had lesbian representation. It was also about a Hispanic family, and as Latin myself those things together were an automatic sale. But I never imagined how much I would get to love this show, how perfect it was, and how deeply seeing myself represented, the Hispanic part, not the gay part, would hit me.

Representation Matter. That is a sentence that I’ve heard a lot of times. To the point it may even lose some of its power. But it’s true. I don’t think there’s a way to describe how impactful it was to look at the screen and not only see myself. But I saw my mom, my grandmother, my brother. I had never seen that on TV.

I think the show is masterful beyond its representation of Cuban-American and Hispanic families. The humor, the sensitive tackling of so many sensitive topics, and above all, its ability to touch us, hit us at our core of our feelings, and make us cry as much as it makes us laugh make it a must watch show for anyone. But for me, particularly, I want to talk about the parts of myself I see in it, and that had made it even more powerful.

With their animated episode coming out this week, no better time to reflect on how much this show means.

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Book Review: The Athena Protocol by Shamim Sarif

Good Reads Amazon

Before delving into the book itself, as this is my first time writing a book review, I want to point out that it’s just my perception as a reader. I’m not a professional critic nor do I want to be. I’m just a lesbian woman that has always loved reading and recently has started focusing most of her reading time into stories with LGBT characters as protagonists. 

There are so many great books out there telling all kinds of stories and focusing on diverse and LGBT characters, I feel grateful every time I find one and If my humble opinions can help someone find their next book to read, I’m happy. 

Now, as for the Athena Protocol. I found this book because I follow the author Shamim Sarif in Social Media since she wrote and directed two classic lesbian movies, I Can’t Think Straight and The World Unseen. These movies also have their novel version wrote by Shamim.

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