Writing Process: Kadena AU

I don’t know if anyone cares about my writing process, but I’m currently writing some fic and realized something I do that could be of help to people that want to get into writing. 

I will have a google docs open with my wip and sometimes I don’t have energy to write full on coherent sentences, but I do have an idea of what I want to happen or and idea for a line of dialogue. 

In those cases I write it down. Sometimes is something as basic as “Kat is nervous around Adena” “Adena talks about home”. Sometimes I have several small tips in a row. This is an example from the Kadena Harry Potter AU I’m working on right now. 

They talk about photography

Adena talks about her life. Being from a persian family.

Adena makes the camera float for a selfie. 

Kat confesses feelings

They kiss

Like, obviously this is far from a completed fic. But then when I have time to write again or feel more in a headspace to do it I go back to the file and start fleshing it out. Turn “Adena talks about photography” into an actual dialogue, or describe the moment more. 

I really helps me.