Book Review: Catch and Cradle

I feel like we don’t have enough New Adult sapphic stories around what is a shame because I love New Adult stories so it’s no surprise that I jumped at the chance to read Catch and Cradle, a fun New Adult F/F romance set in Halifax that takes us behind the scenes of their UNS Women’s Lacrosse team to watch Becca, the teams captain, and Hope, one of their star players, come together.

I loved all the layers we saw of Hope and Becca. The book did a great job showing us their hopes, dreams, motivations and fears. That made it easy to root for them and their relationship. We can see how they are perfect for each other, but there’s also room for them to grow as individuals.

The story is sweet but also sexy and as a sports lover it was great to get a glimpse into a sport I’ve never paid much attention to like lacrosse.

Graphic with pink background, in the center the cover of the book Girl, Serpent, Thorn. Text that says "Book Review"

Book Review: Girl, Serpent, Thorn

It may sound superfluous, but the first thing I have to say about this book is that the cover is absolutely gorgeous. It’s beautiful, it grabs your attention. If I saw this book in a book store I would immediately grab it and try to see what it is about from the cover alone.

That ability to hook you from the start extends to the words as well. from the prologue I was already invested and dying to read all of it.

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