5 Fictional Characters I Was In Love With

When it comes to fictional characters, I’m starting to believe I have a type. What it says about me or how it reflects on my real-life relationships is not something I want to think about. But there is one thing I can share with all of you. Since I was a kid, I have vivid memories of being fascinated by certain characters. Always female. To the point where I can say today that I was in love with them.

At the time I didn’t understand it, though it was simple admiration. But now I know better. Most of the times, it’s characters that have things I find lacking in myself. Personality traits I wish I had. They are usually confident, admired by their peers, maybe a little mean. A lot of the times they did things I would never dare to do myself, be rebellious, speak up. I’ve always been a people pleaser.

Again, I don’t want to explore too deep what that means, but it is what it is. In the end, no matter the reason, these characters and my fascination with them are a fundamental part of who I am. Growing up, and even now, fictional characters allowed me to have a connection, to find inspiration and a sense of belonging.

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Kadena, Jane and a Janitor That Supports Love

One of my favorite scenes from episode 3 was Kat proposing to Jane. Not the proposing itself, although it was funny. But the cute Janitor encouraging them and celebrating when Jane says yes. 

So of course my mind started wandering, cause that’s what I do. And I came up with this scenario, potential fic, random idea.

After that day the girls don’t think much about that moment, it was silly and funny but not a big deal for them. The Janitor does though. Not all the time, that would be creepy. But he is just a romantic and every time he sees Kat and Jane coming together to work he smiles a little and it’s happy that there’s still people out there that had found love.

That’s why, when one morning he catches Kat kissing another woman at Safford’s lobby. A really attractive woman wearing a hijab that he has heard is working at Scarlet, he is upset. He can’t believe Kat did that to Jane!

He is torn about what to do. Should he tell Jane? Should he confront Kat or the other woman. We wait a couple days. Always watching Kat and Jane closely. Everything seems fine between them. They laugh and talk and still walk together into Safford every morning. Sometimes the other woman is with them too. He is even more mad. Not only did Kat cheat on Jane, but it’s with someone they both know, a friend.

He can’t take it anymore. He goes to Kat and confront hers. Kat is confused, but laughs at it. “Don’t worry. It’s not what you think. Jane is okay with it.” He says, he understands.

Kat thinks that’s enough to explain to him that her and Jane were never together, but what he understands is that they are in some kind of open or poly relationship. It makes sense why Jane and Adena, now he knows her name, are so friendly too. He wonders if Sutton is into it, but he heard she is with some board member, so probably not.

He goes back to being happy. Love is still real and safe. Even if unconventional, he is not one to judge.

Then one day, this annoying guy who he remembers used to work for Pinstripe, is following Jane when she clearly doesn’t want to talk to him. It’s not his place to interfere but he feels connected to them, so he does.

“Hey, leave Jane alone. She doesn’t want to talk to you”

“This is between me and my girlfriend.”

“I’m not your girlfriend.”

Oh damn! An Ex that can’t take a hint, our dear Janitor thinks. He won’t stand for it. He blocks Pinstripe so he can’t follow Jane when she walks to the elevator. Once she is safely away, he can’t resist.

“Leave her alone. She is happy with her two hot girlfriends and they are better for her than you ever were.”

Pinstripe is left dumbfounded.

Still from the movie Circumstance

More Adena/Atafeh headcanon

One thing I realized while writing the Adena/Atafeh post; but didn’t include cause it was already way too long. Was how Adena choosing to come back to New York, could be linked back to Atafeh.

In Circumstance Shireen tells Atafeh they should leave early in the movie, before everything starts going wrong. Shireen is way more aware of the fact that leaving is the only way they can be happy together. She is already dealing with the pressure of her uncle trying to arrange a marriage, and she knows she can’t put it off forever.

Atafeh, despite all the restrictions living in Iran entail, is lucky to have a family that allows her a fair amount of freedom, and at that point she doesn’t have the urgency to leave like Shireen does.

If the logistics of them both leaving are possible it’s another matter, but at least the desire to do it is not there for Atafeh when Shireen first brings it up. She dismisses the idea right away.

At the end of the movie, Atafeh tells Shireen they should go. She knows it’s too late already, the pain in her face says it all. Shireen is a married woman now, she can’t leave without her husband authorizing it, and they both know that’s never going to happen.

Atafeh saying “we can leave” it’s more than a real proposal, an admission of the fact she should have left with Shireen when they still had a chance. She wasn’t ready then, she didn’t know what was gonna happen, and she didn’t dare risk what she had then for what she could have.

I’m sure not leaving before, not being able to leave with Shireen, weights on Atafeh’s mind to this day. I’m sure she wonders what would have happened if she had taken Shireen seriously and ran away with her when they still could.

Now, fast forward to 2017 and Adena is facing a similar situation. There are big, massive differences, of course, but some base similarities as well. There’s a woman she cares for, a woman that at the moment she cannot be with, even though she wants too, a woman she could lose if she doesn’t take a risk. In this case the risk is the opposite. Instead of leaving, she needs to come back.

When Kat says “if I was getting laid off, I would do something crazy. Buy a ticket to Paris. But I’m not, so.” The situation that presents itself is similar. It’s an invitation for Adena to take a chance. It’s said in passing, like a wish, a possibility that won’t be, but it stirs something in Adena. She is the one who needs to take this chance.

If Adena is a grown up Atafeh, imagine the feelings this could bring to the surface, the memories. She was in this situation once before and she made a wrong choice.  With Shireen she wasn’t able to leave, to be brave enough to run away together.

With Kat she doesn’t want to make the same mistake. The memory of the chance she lost when she was a teenager is a motivation to not miss this new chance she has at love. So she goes back to New York. This time, she is brave.

Why Adena Could Be a Grown-Up Atafeh: An Imperfect Essay


The headcanon widely accepted (and wished?) by the fandom that Adena from The Bold Type could be a grown up Atafeh (Circumstance) has merits and flaws. The fun thing about headcanons and fan theories is precisely that we can bend the actual evidence enough for it to fit our wishes and expectations, even if the source material doesn’t align with them a 100%.

If you are only here for the top/bottom discourse (I know you all are!) feel free to skip this and go to the last point on this post touching on it.

It’s possible that we will find out more about Adena’s past, enough that it will make us forget about this possibility, but right now fleshing out Adena’s background story with parts of Atafeh’s give her even more dept. At the same time, believing Atafeh becomes Adena, or someone like her, gives us hope that the heartbreak at the end of the movie has a silver lining.

I think the reasons that allowed this headcanon to grow at the start were simple: Nikohl Boosheri plays both characters; they are both from Iran (well, Adena is never confirmed to be from Iran but it’s an accepted educated guess), they both leave their homes at 17 years old. Those 3 simple facts are the foundation, and they are enough to support the headcanon if we want to. It is a wish more than fact after all, so nobody really expects all details to align perfectly.

However, when we look at it with more of a critical eye, some cracks start to appear in the theory. There are differences in their personalities, they approach important topics like religion almost with opposite views, and there are facts explicitly shared by Adena that contradict the headcanon. This is not a deterrent for me, quite the opposite, the headcanon becomes even more interesting because it makes us really think about how Atafeh would have to change and evolve after leaving Iran for her to end up as the Adena we get to meet in New York.

We know for a fact that Atafeh is a 17-year-old girl, while Adena is an adult in her late twenties. That gives us around 10 years for Atafeh to grow and change, and that opens the possibility for any dissonances between the characters, to be related to all those years of experiences we are not privy to. I don’t think life experiences can change the core of who we are, except maybe in cases of intense trauma, but it definitely can shape our points of view and the way we relate to the world around us.

Now, let’s look at the facts.

1. Both Adena and Atafeh disagree with Iran’s politics and moral policing. Because of her age Atafeh express it by rebelling and partying, and later also by supporting the dubbing of the Milk movie even though they know how risky it can be.  Adena does it with her art, her public figure image as an artist that refuses to hide her sexuality and political views. And of course, she explicitly says that she doesn’t follow the “repressive” laws of her country (The Bold Type, Season 1, Episode 1). It’s not hard to see a grown up Atafeh wanting to make “people uncomfortable” and continuing to defy her country’s laws.


2. They are both shown to be highly educated and artistic. We know Atafeh has been trained extensively in music. She plays the piano, sings, and is shown to have a vast knowledge of classical music. Adena is implied to also be educated and have knowledge when it comes to art and music. The scene in the park with Kat when they stop to listen to the violinist, she doesn’t share any technical music knowledge and she could enjoy it without having to know anything about it, but this genuine appreciation for his music could reflect a past background and education on it.


3. They’ve had run-ins with the authorities. We know Atafeh has been arrested, and even though her family paid to make sure she didn’t end up in jail we could assume that these past encounters with the authorities have her marked as a person of interest and make it more likely that she will be looked at more closely when she occasionally returns to Iran. This can be easily tied in to Adena’s own arrest for the vibrators. Her family social standing and the intervention of Jaqueline’s contacts working together to get her free, go hand in hand with no problem.

4. They left their houses at a young age. This is an obvious one. Adena says on Episode 9 that she left home at 17 while we know that Atafeh leaves around the same age. We know Atafeh’s family is wealthy, and her parents would probably be more than willing to give her enough money to support herself when she starts traveling.

5. Their love for women. This one is obvious and self-explanatory too. Adena is a proud Muslim lesbian, and Atafeh’s love and romantic relationship with Shireen is the core of Circumstance.


6. Relationship with her parents. I guess this could go in the con or pro list, depending of how you interpret the few mentions we have of Adena’s family. Right now I only remember the call with her mom in Episode 04 as proof that Adena has a good relationship with her family.

Atafeh it’s a lot closer with her dad, but the relationship with her mom is good enough that we can believe she would keep in touch with them over the years even after leaving, even after actually coming out.

7. Adena says she first fell in love with a woman when she was in Amsterdam.


We all refuse to believe that Atafeh was not in love with Shireen. One look at the way Atafeh looked at her and how they acted together are enough to see that they were in love. A young, intense and passionate love. That means we have to explain why Adena would say that if she is a grown up Atafeh.

First option is that she lied to Kat intentionally because she doesn’t want to revive the pain the end of her relationship with Shireen caused. She has decided to forget about it and rewrite her own history.

I don’t like this one, cause I feel Atafeh’s and Shireen love is the kind of relationship that even if you make peace with it and move on, it stays with you. I think it would mark Atafeh in a way that even 10 years later she would still be defined by it and wouldn’t hide that. Also, I feel that if Adena didn’t want to talk about it she would have no problem just saying so. So there’s no reason for her to lie.

Second option I’m going with to explain it, is that it’s just a mistake in the phrasing Adena uses. She doesn’t mean the first time that she fell in love, but was thinking more along the lines of the first time she fell in love freely, without having to hide it. Or the first time she fell in love outside of Iran. It’s a stretch, I know, but possible.

Kat and Adena are talking about her travels and adventures. They were looking at her passport and the stamps on it. It makes sense that Adena saw the one for Amsterdam (The European Union?) and was like oh yeah, that’s where I fell in love with a woman for the first time, but meaning the first time after leaving her home country.

Now, it’s also true that during Circumstance Shireen tells Atafeh twice that she loves her, and Atafeh never says it back. So I guess it would be plausible that Adena thinks what they had was not love, but something else. I refuse to accept this option, but it exists.

8. Her relationship with religion. (Feel free to call me out if I say something out of line)


When I finally saw the movie, this was actually the one thing that made me think “oh, this doesn’t look like Adena”. But then I thought about it and realized it made sense. As a 16-year-old Atafeh and her family, except for the brother, don’t seem to be interested in religion, and on some occasions outright reject it.

We never see Atafeh praying, for example. I think at the time, for her, religion is linked to her brother, not in a positive way, and to the oppressive regimen that exist in the country, the laws/rules she has to follow, that limit and indirectly are the cause of the end of her relationship with Shireen.

Adena, in the other hand, embraces her religion. She wears her hijab proudly; we see her praying, she doesn’t drink alcohol, etc. We know religion is something Adena has thought about extensively. Kat mentions in the first episode that she read an essay by Adena where she talks about her complicated relationship with religion.

If she is an older Atafeh, we can argue that when we meet Adena she has had time to grow and explore her approach to religion. She has had enough time to separate it from the negative experience she had with her brother, separate it from the political use the government makes of it.

After leaving, I can see Atafeh finding solace in religion, her own version of religion. Embracing the parts of it that bring her peace and rejecting the parts that caused her pain in the past. After years traveling, is also a way to feel closer to her home, to her culture.

3. Their approach to romantic relationship AKA the Bottom/Top discourse


The reason that I wrote 1500 words before getting to this part is probably because all the bottom/top and related terms confuse the hell out of me. But I refuse to let go of this headcanon so I will dive in this topic like a blind bull in a glass shop.

First, I’m going to share what I understand for top/bottom, we need a common ground of understanding to base our opinions of Atafeh/Adena. I think, and I may be wrong, the classic definition of this terms comes from male gay relationships and were in origin focused on the sexual roles a person prefered to take in that context.

Tops were those who “gave” or had and “active” role, bottoms were on the receiving end, and verse/switches may prefer one or the other but were willing to take either role. Now, when we try to translate that into wlw relationship, as far as I know a true top is someone who only gives, and completely refuses to be on the receiving end, the bottom is the one who gets all the attention, the so-called pillow princess that are only in the receiving end.

However! I think that definition is limited, and I suspect is not what most people have in mind when they talk about tops/bottoms.

I think we perceive it more as an attitude, a state of mind. being a top is about making decisions, taking the initiative, being more assertive and dominating. While being a bottom in consequence would be about wanting to be taken care of, being happy to follow someone’s else lead. That can mean they fall in the “traditional” sexual roles, but they may not.

In that sense, the classical definition of top as the one who “gives” and bottom as the one in the receiving end becomes blurry. Someone could be physically bottoming, can be on the receiving end, but still be the more dominating person in the room. Does that make them a bottom? a power bottom? I honestly have no clue, all those terms confuse me 😛 and I feel like I’m writing a bunch of nonsense.

But, I’m nothing if not committed, so I’m going to prove that no matter what you think Adena and Atafeh are, there’s room for them to be the same person.

Let’s start with Atafeh. I’m not going to use the scenes were they are fantasizing, for all we know this could be a reflection of how Shireen wants Atafeh to act and not of how she actually does.

1. First scene we have Atafeh refusing to leave Shireens side when she is asked to stay to see the headmaster. And then Atafeh paying Shireens tuition so she doesn’t get in trouble. We can immediately see that she is protective and steps up without hesitation. +1 for she is a top.

2. The way Atafeh gets into Shireen’s personal space? Her answer to that cab driver when he asks her name? The way she looks at Shireen when we get to that underground club? Top as fuck.


3. When they get inside the club/party Atafeh’s demeanor is everything you need to be convinced she is a top. From the way she walks, her head held high, always walking in front of Shireen, sure of herself, leading the way. She made a statement to anyone there, I’m here and I’m here to own this place. And she does.

And then, the way she dances around Shireen. It’s clearly and invitation, she is teasing her, seducing her. Again, pure top attitude.


4. The way she looks at Shireen. The “I knew you weren’t such a good girl” and the little touch. I know, I’m becoming repetitive, but really. Atafeh in all this scenes gives a clear top energy, and I see how it’s accurate to call her a power top.


I probably could list another 10 or more moments where you can see it. I’m just going to put some Circumstance gifs here for all our viewing pleasure and in case you have doubts, but Atafeh it’s without a doubt a top.

Now, I know what you are thinking. We came here for you to argue against @kadenatho and it seems like you agree. Well, patience my friends. I will get there.

First thing I want to point out, it’s the sex scene we get at the beach house. Shireen initiates it but Atafeh takes over immediately, she can’t fight her top tendencies. However, maybe because it’s the first time, she goes slow, gives Shireen plenty of time to react, it’s soft and careful. Looking at it, and at how soft and caring she was with Shireen before this, when she was holding her, if Shireen tried to take the lead I’m sure Atafeh would let her, she would do anything to make her comfortable.


She definitely prefers taking the lead, it’s what feels natural to her. But I think her protective, caring side would override the dominant side if Shireen showed any inclination to lead.

We see that clearly in the second sex scene. She let’s Shireen take the lead, even though she clearly would prefer to be calling the shots. I think her giggling is because she feels weird being in that position instead of the opposite one, but she still goes along with it, because it’s what Shireen wants in that moment.


Conclusion: Atafeh is a top, feels more comfortable leading. Will always top if given the opportunity but is willing to accommodate her partner needs and desire to lead if necessary.

Now, let’s look at Adena. Poor Adena is the reason for all this trouble. We have people saying she is a bottom, a power bottom, a verse top, pretty much everyone has a different opinion, and the challenge is to make that fit somehow with the well defined characterization we have from Atafeh.

Atafeh was wild, rebellious, full of rage at times. Adena is more calm, emotional but in a contained way, rebellious too, but in a different way.

In the first scene between Kat and Adena we see some of that Atafeh fire on Adena, she is older, it’s been tamed, she now focuses it on different ways, but is still there. If she doesn’t like something she says it. In this conversation she barely let’s Kat speak, and she asserts her presences right away. At the end you can see in her eyes that she likes the challenge Kat presents.


They don’t know each other yet, at this moment, when they are strangers, Adena’s first instinct is to dominate the interaction.

Now, I’m sorry for bringing this up guys. But look at the kiss with Coco. Coco approaches Adena, let’s her know she is there but waits and it’s Adena who moves forward to kiss her. That tells us than in this 3+ year relationship Coco is used to Adena taking the lead, she is probably comfortable with it and they’ve settled into that dynamic. It is what Adena prefers? Not enough information to know yet, but she is certainly comfortable with it.


Now, after the kiss, she takes Coco’s hand and leads the way when they walk away, another subtle moment that gives off top vibes.


When we look at Adena and Kat, we have their first kiss. Adena is the one who initiates it, giving the circumstances it was the logical thing to do and doesn’t mean anything in the sense that just because she initiated the kiss doesn’t mean she has to be a top. But let’s look at how she did it. There’s a sureness to it, she goes in determined and sure of herself but still soft and careful to give Kat room of reacting to it.

Once Kat reacts, and goes all in, Adena has no problem letting Kat take the initiative.


On their second kiss, just look at the way Adena teases Kat. She comes close to her lips, then pulls aways a little, letting Kat come to her. That reminds me of the same teasing Atafeh did with the dancing, except much subtler in this case. They enjoy the psychological effect of attracting someone to them but are willing to let them take over the action.


Again, in the airport scene we see them look at each other, both hesitant to take the lead for a second. Adena teases, but waits, when she feels Kat is willing to take control, let’s her and follows her lead.

Conclusion: Adena has no problem leading, has some top moments and I can see her easily taking the initiative but also adapts easily and is willing to go with whatever comes more natural and complements her partner. With Kat she certainly looks comfortable letting Kat lead.

How we go from Atafeh natural top attitude to Adena’s more versatile and comfortable with being a bottom role?

As I said before, we have at least 10 years of experiences to shape Atafeh since the last time we see her, and that could change the way she approaches sex and relationships. In Circumstance, it was her personality shining through, yes, but there were also a lot of environment conditions shaping the way she acted.

Compared to Shireen, she had a somehow privileged life, her parents gave her a lot of liberties, kind of spoiled her a little bit, while Shireen had all that pressure to get married and the past actions of her parents making her a target. It was easier for Atafeh to let go and take risks.

She is such a power top because all her young energy and desire to rebel has no other way to come out and no one challenging it. Shireen is happy to follow Atafeh, she is grateful for that untamed energy. But when it is time to be intimate, Atafeh shows clearly the potential to be soft, to let Shireen lead, to accomodate what the other girl wants. Hence, there’s a clear path for her to become less dominant with time and depending of what experiences she has with other partners.

With Adena, it’s the opposite. I can see a clear inclination to top when she has the opportunity or if her partner is more submissive than her but she enjoys surrendering control to her partner with no problem.

After getting her heart broken by the situation with Shireen I could see Atafeh become more guarded, become even aggressive and overly dominant in her treatment of women at first, but after having some years to heal she could start to crave the opposite, crave someone who takes care of her, that allows her to relax and give away control to the other people.


She would have definitely matured and found more constructive and calm ways to express her rebellious streak, like Adena does with her art. So I don’t see why she wouldn’t have matured and changed enough to be able to let go of her desire to dominate and take the lead when she is with a partner.

Kat, full of energy, full of desire, with a natural tendency to take the lead would be the perfect person to let that side out.

In conclusion, Atafeh was always a top with potential for versatility and Adena reads more as bottom when she is with Kat but reads as a top in other situations and has the versatility to be either one. So Atafeh can totally be Adena as a grown up woman, and we can’t let Kat’s top energy hide that fact.

To better show my point, have this really professional and scientific graph. You can’t argue against graphs. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

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Alex, Maggie And Their Alien Gun

We already know how much Alex and Maggie love the alien gun, they love it so much that I bet Alex secretly has a name for it. Maggie knows about it cause she caught Alex talking to it, but Alex is too embarrassed to say it in public.

However, as time goes on and Alex lets Maggie borrow the gun more often the superfriends hear them talking about a mystery woman named “Betsy.”

Winn will overhear Alex on the phone “I told you Maggie, Betsy is staying with me all week. I will let you have fun with her on the weekend.”

And James will be having fun watching Alex and Maggie play pool when Maggie goes “If I win you let me enjoy a whole week with Betsy.”

It keeps happening so much that Kara, James and Winn start wondering who the hell is Betsy. Their theories go from another woman on they are both dating, to a cat or dog. Winn even suggest it may be a secret name they have for sex toys, earning glares and judgemental looks from the other two.

Everything is a big mystery until during a joint DEO/NCPD operation they hear Alex say “Here, you take Betsy this time” while she hands the gun to Maggie.

All 3 of them lose it right there and then, right before the DEO, Supergirl and the police, with the help of Guardian, are set to raid a possible CADMUS location. It takes J’onn’s stern look to somewhat calm the 3 superfriends.

brown and black puppy in hammock blanket

Bryan & The Superfriends

Brian becomes an unofficial member of the Supergirl family, he is not really friends with any of them but it seems like if there are problems, Brian is always there, he is just that unlucky. The amount of times he has had to be saved or helped by Alex, Maggie, Kara and James is in double digits, it kind of becomes a joke between the superfriends.

They are at the bar having some drinks and see a big and muscled alien pushing Brian outside. Alex rolls her eyes, Maggie smirks, Kara sighs and says “Whose turn is it to help him today?”

James ends up going out to see what’s up, he already ran into Brian early that day when he stopped a store robbery and Brian was hunched in the back of the store holding a can of soda for dear life, but he doesn’t mind doing it again.

The nice thing about helping Brian is that he is always so grateful and kind about it. They really don’t understand how he gets in so much trouble (well…there’s the gambling problem but still).

Like everytime he will compliment them, not only after being saved but everytime he runs into any of them on the street or at the bar.

“Thank you James, you really have great muscles and the most beautiful smile.”

“Alex, that gun is really amazing. A great gun for a great woman.”

They all just can’t help but have a soft spot for him.

eyeglasses on book beside rose and keyboard

It’s Just Glasses

So after Maggie finally said how obvious Kara’s disguise is to the people that know her, I think people just pretend for Kara’s sake that they don’t realize she is Supergirl.

I think this is especially true for Cat, she sees how Kara bends backwards to try to deceive her and she just lets her get away with it while probably muttering to herself, it’s just glasses, Kiera!. So I think a day in Kara’s life goes something like this.

Cat: Kara, if you happen to run into Supergirl *wink* can you tell her I would like another interview *wink*

Kara: oh..of course Ms. Grant…If I happen to run into her. Which I don’t know if I will, cause I don’t know where Supergirl is all the time. Like she is off doing her own thing, while I do mine.

Cat: Sure Kara, if you happen to run into her.

Snapper: Danvers, we need a quote from Supergirl on the increase of attacks on the Alien population.

Kara: A quote, by Supergirl? And you want me to get it?

Snapper: Yes. She is one of your sources, isn’t she?

Kara: Yes? Yes! Of course she is. She is my source…I can call her and talk to her, like people talk to each other all the time. Cause that’s what people do when they need to talk to someone that is not themselves, they call them. So I will do that.

Snapper: *blank face* then turning to one of the other journalist after Kara is gone. She knows is just glasses, right?


Kara goes for coffee at Noonan’s, she is waiting for her order when there’s a report on the news about a fire.

Kara: Can you hold my order please I need to go…somewhere, a place that is not here right now, but I will be back real quick.

Barista: Sure Kara, go to the place you need to go *wink* I will have your order ready when you get back.

goes of to save whatever. Barista while taking the next order. She is so cute. It’s like she doesn’t realize it’s just

The whole gang is at the Bar, they order their drinks. Regular beers for Alex, Maggie, James and Winn, some alien drink for Kara.

M’gann: Here is your drink Kara. don’t let anyone steal from it, it’s stronger than usual so it has any effect on you so i think even some of our regulars would get poisoned by it.

Kara: Oh! Well, maybe I can’t handle it either. Cause I’m an alien, and you know I’m an alien but I’m like a super weak kind of alien. Like I wouldn’t be able to hurt a fly even if I wanted, and I’m certainly not invulnerable so I wouldn’t want to poison myself.

M’gann: Ok… *takes the drink with her*

When Maggie goes t the bar for another round of beers she can’t help herself. She knows it’s just a pair of glasses, right?

Maggie shrugs and smiles.

white beads on question mark sign

Accidental Dating

Alex is lonely. As far as we know she doesn’t have any female friends besides her sister. So when she gets so into hanging out with Maggie is kind of easy to understand her mistaking her feelings at first with just wanting to have a close friend.

…So what if this isn’t the first time something like this happen, what if trough her life Alex has left a bunch of women thinking they have been asked out by her, but Maggie was the only one to call her on it.

Of course Alex never realized, it takes Lucy pointing it out for her to look back at all those moments.

Lucy is back at the DEO for a short visit and of course the first thing she says to Alex is “Hey Alex, heard you got yourself a girlfriend. Good job!”

Alex blushes, she can’t help it, but tries to keep a straight face. She knows Lucy will never let her live it down if she doesn’t. “Thanks Lucy, it feels good to finally date someone I’m interested in.”

“Ouch… that hurt. I know our date didn’t end in forever love but we had a good time.”

“What the hell are you talking about Lucy? We never dated. I only realized I like women like a month ago and Maggie is the first woman I ever date.”

For a second Lucy looks horrified, eyebrows up, mouth hanging open, eyes widely open. A small snicker starts making its way out of her throat, then another one, until she is outright laughing.

“Oh my God, Alex. I’ve seen you ask like a dozen girls out, including me. You took me to the middle of the desert to watch a meteor shower, set up a blanket and everything.”

“That was just as friends!”

“There was wine! Honestly Alex, I was ready to shed my clothes and let you take me right then and there but you didn’t seem interested in making a move so I let it go, thinking It would complicate our relationship her at the DEO. But it was so a date!”

Alex starts pouting, something Lucy has never seen before and that is a sight she is really enjoying. But as much as she likes seeing the big bad Agent act this adorable, seeing her squirm is so much better.

“And don’t get me started about poor Vasquez.”

Alex doesn’t answer at first. she doesn’t want to give Lucy more chances to make stuff up, but her curiosity wins at the end.

“What…about Vasquez?”

“Come on, you don’t remember that time you asked her to go with you to the new Italian restaurant on Faith St?”

“Friends can go out to dinner together!”

“Yeah, they can…but when you take someone to the most romantic restaurant in town, according to CatCo’s annual list, and tell her to wear a nice dress…Honestly Vasquez was heartbroken when you never took her anywhere ever again.”

“You are just making things up, Lucy.”

“Well, ask her if you don’t believe me.” Alex scoffed at Lucy, of course she wasn’t going to embarrass herself asking Vasquez about it. “Or if you don’t want to, ask that cute barista from Noonan’s.”

Lucy took Alex raised eyebrow as her queue to keep talking. Not that she needed any.

“I remember it as clear as day in my mind. ‘Hi cute barista from Noonan’s I noticed you have a The Killers shirt, I have tickets for their concert in town next week do you want to go with me? Oh you do! Let me write down my number in this napkin and give it to you’.”

Alex averted her eyes and crossed her arms before saying without the same conviction she had minutes ago “There’s nothing wrong about wanting to make new friends.”

Lucy just laughs again, that loud, resounding laugh of hers. Messing with Alex was just so fun, but she decided to leave her alone…for now. Her other stories could wait until she meet this Maggie girl.

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Maggie meets Eliza

After Maggie gets shot and taken to the DEO, while she is under pain meds Eliza goes to check on her. Alex was so worried, and it’s obvious how much her daughter cares about the detective, that Eliza can’t help but be curious.

“Hi, Maggie?” Eliza says, standing near the med bay door. She knows perfectly well this is Maggie, but she doesn’t want to be too obvious.

When Maggie just smiles at her and nods from the bed, Eliza walks in, stopping right in front of Maggie.

“I just wanted to check on you and see how you are doing. I’m Eliza Danvers, Alexandra’s mom.”

Maggie’s smile just gets bigger after Eliza’s words, and she sits up straighter unconsciously.
“Alexandra? I need to remember to call her that sometime. It’s great to meet you, someone as amazing and beautiful as Alex has to have a wonderful mom too.”

“Thank you. I see Alex wasn’t lying when she said you were absolutely charming.”

Maggie couldn’t help but look down while smiling, it still surprised her how Alex always saw the best in her.

“Only for her,” she said, looking right into Eliza’s eyes. And Eliza knew Maggie meant it.

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Proud Girlfriend, Alex Danvers

If you think Alex Danvers is going to keep her relationship with Maggie Sawyer a secret at the start, you are wrong. Everyone at the DEO will know about her girlfriend in less than a day. She talks so much about her that J’onn and all the other agents avoid her cause they are tired of it.

Even rogue aliens incarcerated there will be tired of hearing about Maggie. She talks about Maggie while interrogating them; she talks about Maggie while beating them up, she talks about Maggie while they threaten to destroy the earth.

They are so tired of hearing about how amazing Maggie is they are just like “Just take me back to my cell I will kill myself if I have to hear one more word about how cute Maggie’s dimples are.”

Alex punches them in the face, because rude, before taking them back to their cell and going to talk to Winn. At least he only rolls his eyes but is too scared for anything else.